Wall Joiner

Wall Joiner

Fukuvi’s Wall Joiner is an easy joint treatment that creates a clean finish. With its ease of use and two styles to choose from, this is the perfect product for any wall construction.


  • Length: 2,000mm
  • Baseboard Thickness: 9.5mm, 12.5mm
  • Color: White

H-Joiner Style

"Hat Meji" Style


Fukuvi’s Wall Joiner hides board edges and prevents cracks, giving you a perfectly smooth wall.


A special projection we’ve added to the design prevents putty from entering the joints, making it easy to install cleanly and without hassle.

Easy Installation

Fukuvi’s Wall Joiner is light weight and very easy to store, transport, and install. Builders can quickly create a smooth new wall using this tool.

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