Skirting Board

Fukuvi’s Habagi Skirting Board is a soft resin board which protects wall bases from scratches and dirt. It is easy to install quickly and neatly, creating smooth lines even in corners or around curves.


  • Length: 30m per roll
  • Height:75mm, 100mm
  • Color: Dark Gray, Light Gray


Fukuvi’s Habagi Skirting Board creates neat, clean lines around the edges of rooms, protecting your walls while being unobtrusive.


Fukuvi’s Habagi Skirting Board takes up less space than competitors’. Compact roll storage makes it easy to carry, stock, and transport.

Easy Installation

Soft resin makes Fukuvi’s Habagi Skirting Board easy to install along corners or curves. It’s also easy to cut and adhere. making it great for builders.

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