Introducing KoShu, Fukuvi’s newest branded product. KoShu is a decorative board made from washi paper. Washi paper is traditional Japanese paper craft, which has over 1,500 years of history in Japan. This sleek and stylish decorative board that can add sophisticated style to any office or building.


  • Size: 3.2 x 930 x 1850mm
  • Base Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Magnesium Oxide Plate
  • Surface: Coated Handmade Japanese Washi Paper

Traditional Beauty

This hand-made washi paper perfectly displays the tradtional beauty of Japan. Each piece is delicately hand-crafted one at a time by washi-craft-masters who have spent years dedicated to perfecting this ancient artform.


Until now it was impossible to coat washi paper without ruining the integrity of the paper. However, Fukuvi was able to develop a method of coating washi paper to give it flame-resistant capabilities without losing the original texture or charm of this traditional cultural craft.

Easy Installation

KoShu can be installed easily anywhere. Traditionally, washi-paper art could only be installed by washi-professionals, as the delicate paper required special handling techniques. However, KoShu’s special coating and creation process makes it more durable and able to be handled by any installers. A combination of double sided tape and adhesive bonding also allows the board to be attached easily and securely to any wall.

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